Capacity building and training

Under this thematic area the action focuses on capacity building, training and awareness raising among prison and probation staff dealing with violent extremist prisoners (VEPs) by providing forum to the beneficiaries to share their experiences, good practices and lessons learnt. Following the development of the papers on good approaches, practices, identified weaknesses and lessons learnt the capacity-development and training framework matrix, to be applied throughout the region, will be developed, clearly presenting the findings and recommendations on the unification of the training methodologies in the region.

In order for the prison and probation staff to detect the extremist behaviour and recognize the signs of radicalisation they should be properly trained to understand the difference between extremist behaviour and normal practices and to establish positive relationship with VEPs based on the dynamic security concept. Therefore, the continuous training of specialized staff should be carried out in parallel with awareness raising sessions on radicalisation and identification techniques for general prison and probation staff. Specialised training for front-liners and setting up multi-disciplinary teams is one of the main preconditions towards effective VEPs’ rehabilitation, while joint prison and probation training sessions, where possible, are much needed to ensure harmonised approaches and multi-agency cooperation.


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