Rehabilitation and disengagement from violence

Under this thematic area the action is focusing on rehabilitation of violent extremist prisoners (VEPs) and their disengagement from violence by providing forum to the Beneficiaries to share their experiences, good practices and lessons learnt when it comes to targeted interventions, treatment programmes and rehabilitation of VEPs. Based on the developed papers on good approaches, practices, identified weaknesses and lessons learnt the common methodology to be applied throughout the region, will be developed, clearly presenting the findings and recommendations on the ‘way forward’ in the region.

During the prison sentence and based on the individual risk and needs assessment the targeted interventions are developed to address specific needs of individuals and support them in their path towards disengagement from violence. It is important to focus on motivating VEPs to take part in rehabilitation, building trustful communication, adjusting the interventions to best suit the individual needs of the offenders and engaging external stakeholders in support to the disengagement process. Therefore, an effective dynamic security approach can increase the willingness of VEPs to take part in rehabilitation, as well as to render the rehabilitation programmes more effectively due to the higher levels of trust and information sharing between prison staff and VEPs.


Practices related to rehabilitation of Violent Extremist Prisoners (VEPs) exchanged...

9-10 June 2020

Location : Online

The second regional Working Group on rehabilitation and disengagement from violence of VEPs in the Western Balkans (WB) region took place via an on-line platform on...

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